What Goes Into Our Preliminary Notice Services?

By now, you probably know why preliminary notices are a critical step in securing payment for your work. If you are unsure of what preliminary notices are or wish to learn about the challenges you may face when sending them out, be sure to read our article, “What is a Preliminary Notice? It is Your Blueprint for Risk Reduction.

So after being aware of all this information, you might find yourself asking why hire CNS to take care of your preliminary notices? Why not do it yourself?

While you certainly can do your prelims on your own, many subcontractors unknowingly send their prelims with incorrect or missing information and outside of their effective time frame. The result is an invalid or rejected pre lien.

Mistakes like these, although costly, aren’t necessarily your fault. The preliminary notice process can be complex — often changing between states and counties — and you can sometimes be provided the wrong information for a project. With many other responsibilities on your plate, it can be difficult to set aside time to track and verify every last bit of required information.

At CNS, we have the expertise and resources necessary to go beyond simply mailing out your notices. We incorporate research, verification, and exceptional customer service for an enjoyable experience that provides peace of mind.

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The Construction Notice Services Difference

Depending on the size of a project, there can be hundreds if not thousands of contractors working at the same time. Much like the game of Telephone, as information on the construction project gets passed from entity to entity, it can often get mixed up and result in omitted or incorrect information altogether. This means that by the time you prepare your pre lien, the information given to you may not be fully accurate.

Our job at CNS is to verify that all information is correct and notify you of any errors to avoid delays in sending out your prelims. We call our customers directly with any pertinent information to prevent it from being accidentally overlooked.

Our Research & Verification Process

At CNS, we provide a robust research process to find missing information in our customers’ prelims and verify its accuracy.

Our research and verification department contacts the appropriate entities to gather critical information. Common information we search for is the project address, the owner’s information, the general contractor’s information, whether lenders or bonding companies were involved, and more. This part of the process can often take 4 to 5 days — time that many of our customers are unable to set aside to do it themselves.

Additionally, since we’re not a collection company, our research team’s calls to verify information are much more positively received by our customers, their clients, and anyone receiving our inquiries.

Learn more specifics about our process and the exact steps here.

What That Means for You

Ensuring that your prelims are sent on time with accurate information helps secure your lien rights for future payment. Our team makes every effort to find the relevant parties that need to be notified so they can be aware of your involvement and that you need to get paid. Being notified of prelims makes it easier for property owners to keep track of everyone working on a project.

Our services ultimately help you get paid quicker and without disputes.


Send Your Pre Lien With CNS

At CNS, we pride ourselves on being the leader in customer service for construction notices. We work as an extension of your team and assign you a dedicated customer representative for personalized assistance unique to your business and situation.

Our goal is to protect your right to collect payment for your work.

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Disclaimer: CNS is not an attorney, and if you need legal advice, please contact one.