We’ll Take Care of the Hard Work

At Construction Notice Services Inc., we have perfected the process of filing and recording construction related notices for the industry. We take care of all the hard work and research, so you don’t have to worry about shifting your time and focus away from the job to investigate and track down information to complete your liens and notices.

What You Do

  1. Simply submit your request by mail, fax, or online via this website with as much information as possible.


What We Do

  1. We process the request and check each for clarity, completeness, and special instructions (like LAST MINUTE EXPRESS requests). If we find missing or unclear information, your dedicated customer service representative (“CSR”) will contact you for clarification or forward your submission to our Research Department.
  2. Our Order Entry Department enters request information into the CNS database and sends a “Confirmation of Request” report to the customer.
  3. All requests with exact addresses are forwarded to the Property Search Department. Any requests without exact addresses or with missing information are sent to our Research Department for completion.
  4. The Property Search Department attempts to match the City, County, Street, and Address in order to properly process the request.
  5. The CNS system notates deadline dates and distributes the request to our Research Department.
  6. Our Research Department will make phone calls to verify the information listed in the request and to seek out the correct property owner, general contractor, lender, bonding company, etc. Typically, each request requires 6-8 phone calls to various agencies before all information is completed. All conversations are documented for accuracy.
  7. Research information is entered into the Notice Processing System. Once in the system, one of our department supervisors proofs the Notice for completeness and accuracy.
  8. The request is printed and sent to the CNS Mail Department to be mailed out per the specific certified mail requirements of each state. It’s then taken to the U.S. Post Office for delivery to all appropriate parties.
  9. Mail clerks send a report of the completed request to the customer. CNS retains all worksheet data for two years.

The work that’s invisible to you is the most important thing to us.

From our receptionist to our researchers, everyone in our office is extremely diligent with each request CNS receives. Our system includes quality control checks to ensure every notice and lien we send out is accurate and factual.