Helping You Get Paid for Over 3 Decades

Construction Notice Services, Inc. (“CNS”) was founded in 1984, the same year California began instituting the preliminary notice. We now have more than three decades of experience assisting contractors, material suppliers, and rental equipment companies get paid. We have also processed hundreds of thousands of preliminary notices and mechanics liens.

California’s enactment of the preliminary notice law gave contractors and suppliers more leverage in collecting what is owed to them, and other states followed suit with similar legislation. With each new law, came new deadlines, timetables, and requirements, which added complications, and often roadblocks for contractors to secure their lien rights.

CNS has been at the forefront of preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens, and similar documents for more than 38 years. We’ve perfected the way that construction-related notices are filed on behalf of all parties in the construction industry and have a sophisticated system to ensure that notices filed by CNS are the most accurate of any in the industry.


The CNS Difference

The longevity of CNS can be most attributed to our people.

Each employee is trained and groomed to fit within our customer-centric culture. We deliver an incredibly personal service that leaves our customers at peace, knowing all their liens and notices are being handled timely and accurately.

What really differentiates CNS is the amount of effort we put into each notice. We understand that many contractors don’t have all the pertinent jobsite information such as the exact address, property ownership or financial lender information. This is why we take the time to pick up the phone and fill in the blanks to any information you may not have. We work with title companies, building permit offices, and property tax assessors to find out the actual property owner(s) of your job and will contact you if there are any discrepancies from the information you give us to what our researchers find.

Contractors and suppliers getting paid has grown our business for the last four decades, if our notices and liens weren’t successful then CNS wouldn’t be either. Our track record proves that when you use CNS as part of your collection process, your cash flow increases and your bad debts shrink.

Filing a lien for the first time can be intimidating, but our service and experience mitigates the stress, takes care of the details, and puts our customers at ease with the knowledge that everything is in place for them.

If you want to experience the level of service that is the CNS difference,