Have questions? We have answers.

What are the timeframes required for each request?

The timeframe to file a lien and/or notice vary by state. You can check out each state’s specific services page for more information on the timelines in your state.

How long does it take for you to send out a preliminary notice or record a mechanic’s lien?

CNS typically processes requests within 5 business days.  However, we can expedite your prelim/lien request and have it completed within 1-2 business days for an additional express fee. For more information on express fees and processing time, please contact us directly by phone or via our online contact form.

What happens if I need to perfect or foreclose a lien?

CNS is not a law firm so while we can’t perfect a lien for you in a court of law, we do work with many prominent construction law attorneys throughout all regions and can easily refer you to an expert in your area.

Once I’ve been paid, how do I release a lien?

CNS can release the lien for you once you receive full payment.

Do I need to pay a membership or signup fee?

No! At CNS, we do not charge our members any fees to work with us. Simply put in a request for your lien or notice, and we’ll get to work.

How do I pay?

Since we process thousands of liens and notices a month, our customers are invoiced monthly. This saves you the time, stress, and hassle of being invoiced per document or request. Once you receive your invoice, we accept payments in the form of checks or through any major credit card.

Are there any hidden or handling fees?

None. It’s 100% free to work with CNS. Our customers only pay for the things they order with no hidden or handling fees at all.

I’m a small business. How many liens per month do I need to process in order to work with CNS?

No customer is too big or too small to work with us. We’ll work with you no matter how many notices or liens you request per month, and we treat all requests with the same amount of care regardless of the size.