How is a Preliminary Notice Required to be Mailed?

The state statute demands the preliminary notice is mailed certified with a return receipt. In order for your preliminary notice to be valid, it must be sent certified mail (except in AZ where it must be mailed with a proof of service affidavit).

By mailing the preliminary notice certified with a return receipt; you are complying with the state statutes and you also have proof that the notice was sent, delivered, and accepted. The return receipt requires that the recipient must sign before accepting the certified mail. The signed receipt is evidence that the notice was sent and received.

Sending mail certified can be an arduous task. This usually requires a trip to the post office, filling out the proper forms, attaching the return receipt to the envelope, paying the extra mailing cost, and keeping track of all the records.

CNS streamlines this process for you and removes all the headaches of a preliminary notice including certified mail.