Jobsite research and verification is the process by which every preliminary notice, mechanics lien, stop payment notice, and payment bond claim go through before they are filed or delivered.  This process ensures that every notice that is sent or filed by CNS is as accurate as possible.

For every notice request, we ask our customers to provide the following:

  • Job address
  • Your customer’s information (the individual or firm who hired you)
  • An estimated dollar amount for the work being done/how much is owed
  • A description of the type of material &/or labor being furnished

After the notice request is received, our research department will send faxes, emails and make phone calls to verify the information listed in the request. We also seek out the correct property owner, general contractor, lender, bonding company, etc. Typically each request requires 6-8 phone calls before all information is verified. All verification methods are documented for accuracy and to provide support you if anyone ever questions your claim.

Each state has slightly different requirements for the preliminary notice / right to lien notice / notice to owner.  If you are working in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico or Florida, it is imperative that the notice be received by all the proper parties. If the actual property owner doesn’t receive the notice, it could limit your ability to fully collect on the project.

The work that’s invisible to you is the most important thing to us. From our receptionist to our researchers, everyone in our office is extremely diligent with each request CNS receives. Our system includes quality control checks to ensure every notice and lien we send out is as accurate as possible.

Make sure your notices include the CNS touch by calling us today!