Address Verification for Your Preliminary Notices

Preliminary notices are an important tool for protecting your right to payment in construction projects and are required by law in many states to be sent at the start of every project.

Pre-liens serve as a formal notice to the property owner, general contractor, and construction lender of your involvement in the project.

However, in order for your preliminary notices to be effective, they must be received by the correct parties. CNS has partnered with USPS to offer our customers a new address verification feature for the accuracy of your preliminary notices.

Below, we’ll cover the importance of address verification and how CNS helps you avoid mailing mistakes.

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The Importance of Address Verification

There are many pitfalls one can encounter when preparing and sending preliminary notices.

One of the biggest challenges in sending preliminary notices is ensuring they are sent to the correct parties. With many companies working and supplying materials on a single project, it is easy for mistakes to happen when information is being passed from one entity to another. It isn’t uncommon for addresses and other important job site information to be accidentally mistyped or transposed.

Construction projects often involve multiple stakeholders, such as the property owner, general contractor, and construction lender, each of whom may have a different mailing address. If your prelims are sent to the wrong addresses, they may never be received, resulting in possible delays and the loss of your mechanics lien rights.

Because of this, it is critical that delivery addresses in preliminary notices are correct.


USPS Address Verification Service

CNS provides address verification for our customers’ preliminary notices through a partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

By verifying all addresses before sending out a pre-lien, you reduce the risk of the notice being lost, returned, or misdirected. This new service can be especially beneficial for companies that may not have the bandwidth, resources, or necessary experience to verify the addresses of the property owner, general contractor, and construction lender.

Our address verification not only helps ensure that preliminary notices are sent to the correct addresses and received by the intended parties, but it can also save time and money for all parties involved by avoiding delays and disputes. Most importantly, however, it helps protect your mechanics lien rights in a slow, short, or no pay situation.


Preliminary Notice Services With CNS

At CNS, our goal is to provide our customers with preliminary notice services that make the process as easy and accurate as possible. This includes address verification, in-depth research, and transparent pricing.

We also utilize an in-house mailing team to oversee the entire process of your prelims, from research to preparation and, finally, delivery. Through this, we are able to stay on top of any changes in the mailing process, such as the recent increase in postage stamp price, so you don’t have to.

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Disclaimer: CNS is not an attorney, and if you need legal advice, please contact one.