Why Now is the Right Time to Utilize Mechanics Lien Services

Even if most projects are humming along, now is the right time to record a mechanics lien on others.

The work you began in June or July will need to be paid up. Bringing in mechanics lien services during October can combat non-payment before too much time goes by – and before you legally have to.

Each day on the job may be going smoothly, your client may be thrilled with the quality of your work, and you may have worked with this client for a decade, yet you may need to record and enforce a mechanics lien anyway. Especially in today’s uncertain economic environment, protecting the time and money you’ve invested in a project is key.

When you take action now, in autumn, you can get your books in order for 2021. Not only does your proactivity help keep your cash flow and your overall business thriving, but it also protects your employees and their income.


The All-Important Preliminary Notice

One crucial aspect of a mechanics lien is the preliminary notice (often called just a “prelim”).

Remember: In most cases, without a preliminary notice, you can’t file a mechanics lien later on.

That’s where CNS comes in. We create a smooth process that thoroughly covers what you need – including getting that preliminary notice filed, so you can collect payment later with a mechanics lien.

Learn more about preliminary notices in our articles:


Preparing for 2021

As the world looks forward to celebrating a new year, the construction industry also needs to think about tax season – and making sure payments from clients have arrived.

Call on us to give you a hand, so you can square up with all your client and greet 2021 with confidence and stronger cash flow.

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