What Is a Mechanics Lien?

Mechanics liens — also known as construction liens — are one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to resolve payment disputes. The mechanics lien grants the contractor the ability to pursue a legal judgement which could lead to the property being sold and the contractor getting paid out of the proceeds of the sale. Unfortunately, payment issues arise all too often in the construction industry, even when a signed contract is in place. That is when the right to record and enforce a mechanics lien comes into play.

Filing a Mechanics Lien With CNS

The mechanics lien filing process can be quite complex, especially since different states and counties have their own mechanics lien laws in place. Any mistake when filing a mechanics lien, no matter how small, could result in the invalidation of your claim, leaving you unable to collect what’s owed to you.

At CNS, our mechanics lien service has been designed to help you avoid common mistakes when filing non-payment claims. Our research and verification process puts us in direct contact with title companies, building permit offices, and property tax assessors to help verify that all information in your mechanics lien is accurate before filing. If we ever find any discrepancies, an assigned customer representative will contact you directly to ensure that your mechanics lien isn’t delayed and is recorded within the allotted time frame. The result is a hassle-free process that provides you with security and peace of mind.

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Short pay, slow pay, and no pay situations are, unfortunately, quite common throughout the industry. At CNS, we understand the importance of getting paid fully and on time. Our mechanics lien services exist to exercise your right to payment and make the process as seamless as possible. We also assign you a personal representative to better understand your business. In this way, we are truly able to offer personalized service that is unique to your business and situation. With CNS, you no longer have to worry about wasting valuable time and money preparing mechanics liens yourself or risking small mistakes that could jeopardize your payment. Contact us today to file a mechanics lien.