What Is a Preliminary Notice?

Preliminary notices — also known as preliminary liens, right to lien notices, pre liens, prelims, and notice to owner — are the first step for reducing your risk of slow pay, short pay, and no pay situations. At the start of a new construction project, subcontractors, material suppliers, and equipment rental companies must deliver a preliminary notice to all property owners, the general contractor, and the construction lender.

Pre liens exist to ensure that your mechanic’s lien rights are enforceable. This is done by notifying the property owners and project stakeholders that you have the right to collect unpaid costs and file a lien if you don’t receive full payment.

CNS for Your Pre Liens

At CNS, we understand that preparing and sending out notices can take up a lot of your time. Not to mention the effort that goes into researching critical information that may not have been provided to you at the start of the project. Simple mistakes such as an incorrect address or missing information can render your prelim ineffective, leaving you exposed to unnecessary payment risk.

For over 37 years, our preliminary notice services have been designed to protect your right to payment. CNS makes the pre lien process as simple and stress-free as possible by conducting research and verification of information before mailing your notices, including verifying the property owner, general contractor, and financial lender. For public works jobs, we also research the bonding company. If any discrepancies are found during the research process, your dedicated customer service representative will notify you.

Between the telephone calls that our research team makes and the preliminary notice itself, our services help you get paid first and preserve your right to record a mechanics lien.

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CNS has been helping contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and equipment rental companies get paid for over three decades. Our experience and resources, unparalleled attention to the customer, and easy-to-use online system provide ultimate peace of mind. Our team works hard to handle your prelims accurately and timely, and our database protects the security of your personal information. Contact us today to get a prelim started and take the first step toward reducing risk and increasing cash flow.